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Mandeville, Louisiana Roofing and Roof Repair

Mandeville, Louisiana Roofing and Roof Repair

A beautiful, long-lasting and energy-efficient optimized roofing system can increase both your curb appeal and home value, but how do you know whether you need a repair of your roof or a full replacement?

At Shifflett Roofing, a job well done is our number one priority. We are here to make your current roof safe, stable and secure at the best cost possible. If your current roof has deteriorated to the point where repair is impossible, we will help with the installation of a new roof, keeping your home safe and protecting your investment for years to come.

Below are some of the most common types of roof repairs we encounter:

Shingle/Tile Replacement

As your home’s first line of defense against the searing power of the sun and the devastation of storms and hurricanes, your roof can take a beating. On a shingle and tile roof, this will show itself through lifting, curling, shrinking or breaking of individual tiles. Even a small patch of bad shingles can compromise the entire roof by allowing water to seep in, so it’s important to get this fixed as soon as possible.

Fascia Replacement

Typically found behind the gutters, the fascia is a lengthy wooden board designed to protect the roof’s lower edges. Because of its position, your fascia can be prone to cracks, holes, mold growth, water damage or animal infestation. Depending on the age of the board and the extent of the damage, fascia boards can be replaced as a whole or in parts.

Draining Standing Water

If your roof isn’t properly sloped or if it begins to sag with age, it can develop low-lying spots that collect water. We drain this water and keep it from pooling again to avoid the slow structural damage and roof leaks that this standing water can cause.

Roof Leaks

While all of these issues call for quick mediation, a leaking roof must be fixed immediately. It’s not only a sign of serious deterioration, water can flow in and cause further damage to your home or your foundation.

Flashing Repair

Designed to direct water away from certain areas, flashing is commonly installed around walls, pipes, chimneys or other flat surfaces. But if the flashing isn’t installed properly, water can flow underneath it, leading to greater roof rot.

Roof Replacement Services

A quality roof doesn’t just add to your home’s curb appeal – it’s the most important investment you’ll ever make. Your roof protects your home from strong winds, sheeting rain and blazing sunlight, keeping the inside safe and comfortable. And as you know, Louisiana weather can be tough on a roof.

Keeping on top of your roof’s maintenance is vital to keeping your home protected from the elements. Without a solid roof, your home will be vulnerable to further damage and can even pose a health risk to your family through the growth of mold and mildew. Because it will help your home stand up to hurricane season and mitigate summer’s heat, it will also help keep insurance rates and energy bills lower. As such, it’s a great investment.

This is why you want to make your investment count. A high-quality roof protects and insulates better, helping you save in the long run.  It also simply lasts longer than a low-quality roof, which will develop problems and require repairs sooner. Installing high-quality roofs is what we do best – just go out after a major storm or a hurricane and you’ll see. The homes with Shifflett Roofs will be easy to spot.

Shop around, and you’ll see the value of our best-in-class warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee all offered by a family-owned business established in 1999. We proudly offer a free no-obligation inspection so you can make a more educated decision, and a 30 to 50 year comprehensive warranty on all of it to give you peace of mind. We proudly offer nothing less than the best shingles on the market, installed by certified Master Elite Roofers™.

Type of Roofing We Provide

Shifflett Roofing provides asphalt, metal, tile, slate, or flat roofing services.

Other Important Exterior Services that We Provide

Because your roof, gutters and siding all work as one cohesive system to protect your home and your family, we look at the overall system to make sure each component is working as it should. If one fails, it can quickly compromise the whole system.

Gutter repair and Installation

During a storm, your gutters move water away from the roof, through downspouts and out into appropriate areas outside. When the gutter system becomes clogged with leaves and debris, water can stagnate and overflow, leaving your home vulnerable to rot and water damage.

Siding Repair and Installation

If your siding fails, it will only be a matter of time before water makes its way into the frame of your home. Moisture trapped inside the walls can lead to rooting wood, explosive mold growth and invisible damage to the home’s interior. These same weak points can allow insects to enter the home, creating unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Timely repairs can save you a fortune in the long run.

The Best Value, The Best Warranties, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, That’s The Shifflett Promise

Our company is:

• Fully Licensed Fully Bonded

• Fully Insured with Workers Compensation

• Locally Owned and Operated for 23 Years

We Work Around Your Schedule

We understand that storms and emergencies rarely happen at a time that is convenient for you. They may not respect your schedule, but we do. And we will work around your time to respond at a moment’s notice and perform the work when it works best for you.

Customized Estimates Based on The Size of Your Home

Your home is one-of-a-kind, and we at Shifflett Roofing and Exteriors respect the fact that no one-size-fits-all fix will work for your home. We don’t make “guesstimates” and we don’t sell you what you don’t need, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll only pay what you need and nothing more.

Complete our short online form today for a free quote on your roof’s needs, or call us at 504-329-5665 from 8:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Outside of those, hours you can leave a message on our 24-hour emergency hotline.